Our Story

Officially launched in 2014 with a desire to create a cat store dedicated to offering only the highest quality cat products and cat-themed gift items available. A place inspired by, as well as owned and operated by true cat people.

From the very beginning, our mission has been a simple one: to give cat people around the world access to unique, trendy, high quality cat products and cat themed gift items. A cat store that carries products that you will not see in big box stores or other pet boutiques.

Our long-range goal was not to be the biggest pet store on the internet, jam-packed with products you would have no problem finding in mass at Amazon or any other store. Our goal was to take our time and build a nice niche clientele of cat lovers from all corners of the world. Customer’s who would value our unique specialty cat boutique store.

We really do have a true passion and love for cats. We hope that passion shows through in the selection of products we carry.

We are thrilled to announce several positive changes on our end and in our management team. We hope that the recent changes will allow us to better serve you, our valued customer. 

As always, thank you for shopping our store today and please reach out to us if we can be of assistance to you!